Monday, October 27, 2008

A Random Spattering

As per Fogged's request, here are more pics of Little Bit. (Please forgive the delay, but lately I've been spending so much time actually CARING FOR the child, I haven't had time to post pics of her. :-) haha!)
Sitting like a big girl in her Bumbo. (So lady like with hands and feet crossed.)

First Warm-up suit (hoodie and all) of the season - so precious!!!

Always with the fingers in the mouth!

One CLASSY BROAD here! She was hot so wouldn't let me put clothes on her, so she's down to the diaper, socks, a bib ('cause she's the spit-up queen) with her hand in her mouth, the other on her head (my favorite look of worry) and a burp cloth under her arm. Mamao Tucker would be SO PROUD of the lady I'm raising. :-) ha!

Pushing up like a PRO!!!
(More to come soon)

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