Monday, February 01, 2010

Meme Mondays - Clearing Your Head

There was a time in my life that after a really stressful week, when I finally found some down-time, I would have slept-in and then done absolutely NOTHING all day and loved it. That used to be my mind-clearing activity.

I find that these days, that my mind-clearing activities are very different. Now after a stressful week (like my doozie of a week last week), I find myself drawn to projects, not vegitating. Now, I don't mean that I go and tackle all the housecleaning (though my house could REALLY use it). But I find myself wanting to finish one of my creative projects - spend a few hours tackling the scrapbooking, sew an outfit for Tucker, paint something, etc. I want to spend my downtime getting my creativity out there and creating a finished project I can be proud of! The process helps my mind get off of all of my stress and focus on completion, and in the end, I have something adorable like


to show for it! My house is still a WRECK, but I got many, many of my crafting projects done. (I got another pair of pants made for Tucker, finished FIVE tutus, made a Valentine's day package for Carly, and made a small thing for Carly's birthday in OCTOBER - a little ahead on that one.) My head feels cleared, my craft pile is much smaller, and my heart is VERY happy with this adorable green outfit!
What do YOU do to clear your head? Answer in a comment, or if you take the activity to your own blog, put a link in my comments so I'll know to check it out.
Love & Shipoopies,


Kelli @ RTSM said...

That outfit is so cute! I love the ruffles:) I have a ton of stuff that I really want to do...but I am still being really lazy when it comes to being crafty!

Jen T said...

I LOVE the cutsy outfit and the precious little T modeling it!!! Check out - I think you'll like it. She does stuff like this too and it's just adorable!!!

Camily said...

I love that outfit! Precious!!! I have a few, well, ok . . .tons of projects that I want to do--sewing, scrapbooking, etc. I think when I am most stressed, that is the exact time that I need a creative outlet the most. I've been using photography for that recently (which is why I have other projects waiting for me). I agree--cleaning the house is pretty low on my priority list--but it's getting higher!

He & Me + 3 said...

OK, that outfit is just too cute. Great job. I scrapbook to clear my head. Does feel good to be doing something fun while accomplishing something too.

Whitney said...

Love the outfit. I wish i could sew. Depends on the day...mindless trashy tv that doesn't require me to think or staring blankly at facebook on the days i have nothing less but on days i do i love to play on photoshop and layout new backgrounds for my blog or find projects to do around the house and occasionally i read a book. :)

Anonymous said...

When you and Scott were little, I got up 30 minutes early every morning to cross-stitch. My life was good...I taught school, tended young children, cooked, and cleaned... but every thing I did needed to be done again the next day. I needed ONE thing in my days that could be ACCOMPLISHED... COMPLETED,(and sometimes shown off). It always helped me keep from resenting the repetitive stuff.