Wednesday, February 03, 2010

When you didn't even know it...

Don't you hate it when you get your hopes up for something -- something you didn't even really know you wanted THAT badly, and then you don't get it? Suddenly the NOT HAVING IT (which was really always the case) is devestating and completely unbearable? It's like even though you might not have been happy with the before, you never realized how unhappy you were until you started imagining it differently. Now, even though nothing changed, you can't bear the thought of another day the old way?

I was taught a long time ago when praying for guidance, to not only pray for God to open the RIGHT doors, but to CLOSE the wrong ones, so you can't make a mistake in following your own will. I always do that and I firmly believe it has helped me make some good choices in life. I believe that about this closed door as well (sad though I may be with my lot today).

Now, if I can just find that open window. I KNOW it must be around here somewhere...

Love & Shipoopies,

**For any parentals or giddy friends out there, this is NOT about pregnancy. haha! **

OH, and because someone asked -

"Shipoopies" is a word my father made up a LONG time ago as part of our expressions of love. He's notorious for making up words. (Just ask my husband.) So much so that there are tons of them I say without knowing they're made up until I say them to the hubs and get "WHAT?!?" Now, anytime I say a word (even a real one) that the hubs isn't familiar with, he'll go into a thing about my family and our stupid made up words. :)

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Camily said...

Sorry you didn't get what you wanted. :(
Of course I was immediately thinking pregnancy!
I love your praying for God to close the wrong doors--love it. I have never heard that and will definitely add that into my prayers!
Love the shipoopies! My dad has phrases he says that are always popping out of my mouth. So funny!