Tuesday, February 02, 2010

A Mommy's Right

Ok, so I try to not do entire blogs of nothing but baby pics and videos anymore, but occassionally, I have to give SOMETHING special to the grandparents. Today, I'm just going to have a mass-video upload. Grandparents, enjoy. Other readers, I hope you enjoy them as well. These are basically all of my child being being either a goober or totally precious. You decide which are which. :)

**I apologize for the video quality. Most of the time, the only video camera I have in hand in a pinch is my cell phone.

This is what I see most days when I look to the backseat of my car (when Drew is driving, of course, or in my rearview mirror if I'm driving). I can't imagine WHERE she gets her love of music from. :)

Remember when I talked HERE about taking T to Sonic for dinner? Here's the fun my child has. My favorite part is that her hips NEVER STOP wiggling - even when the rest of her is concentrating on something else. :)

This is for Poppa, who always called her moro reflex when she was an infant "Touchdown!"

She found one of our LSU shakers and knew IMMEDIATELY what to do with it. I love that she turns the music on for shaking. :)

Tucker is at the age where she immediately mimics ANYTHING you say or do. Drew started doing what I call the "spider hand" and she immediately tried doing her own version of it. Too cute!

Thanks for the indulgence!
Love & Shipoopies,


Camily said...

She is full of personality! I love it!

OK--have to ask: What is Shipoopies?? Hee hee!

Five Moms & A Blog said...

My blog is almost always about nothing, lol!

Loved the videos. She is precious! What fun you must have.

~ Nan