Monday, February 22, 2010

Meme Mondays

*Take your shoes off. Stay a while. This turned out CONSIDERABLY longer than I intended. ha!*

I'm a little slow getting the blog rolling this week. I spent the weekend Scrapbooking my hiney off. (Ok, actually the hiney didn't go away at all - DARN - but it is sore from sitting in that chair so much!) I came back with LOTS of pages done (yipee!) but not enough sleep, so I'm drinking coffee and trying to get my brain jump-started. (My partner at work would PROBABLY have appreciated my being able to do this earlier today, but I guess you take what you can get sometimes.)

In preparation for my Scrapbooking retreat, I made some mixed-tapes. (Ok, I know no one makes or owns tapes anymore, but in my head, when you mix them, they're tapes, not cds or playlists. haha!) It's kind of a tradition at our retreat that everyone brings music to share with everyone. It means that you sometimes have to listen to music you don't like (hello too many hair bands and WAY too much country for MY taste), but it also means you get to share some of your favorite music with other people and PERHAPS introduce someone to their new favorite song/singer/group.

I take this responsibility VERY seriously!!! I'm a music-junky. I'm constantly playing my mom (poor thing) some new great song and making her LISTEN TO THE LYRICS (which I think she rarely does, but humors me in pretending to - she's not nearly as serious about this activity as I - hahaha!).

So the game for today? If you could make a mixed tape of TEN songs to share with everyone you knew, what 10 would make your list? (I'm putting these parameters for this game with the thought in the back of my head that I'll NEVER be able to keep it to 10.) Feel free to share any explanations if you like, or just your 10 songs if that's more your style. :)

I'm going to limit myself to 10 by picking kind of my favorites from different genres/moods/styles of music. (I mean, I could pick 10 EACH of Billy Joel, Jack Johnson, Ginny Owens, Harry Connick, Michael Bubble, etc. and not even be close to sharing all the faves I'd love to share.) If I can find it, I may even put YouTube link for each of mine so you can ACTUALLY EXPERIENCE the fabulousness that is my list. (I realize this is the most ridiculous thing I've ever said maybe. haha! Did I mention that I take my music-sharing seriously?!?)

1.) Classical (and most relaxing/spiritually inspiring):

"Suite for Solo Cello No. 1" by Bach (played by Yo Yo Ma)

2.) Funniest EVER:

"White & Nerdy" by Wierd Al Yankovic
(Disclaimer: I'm not generally a hip-hop kind of gal, but this song CRACKS ME UP!!!!)
*Bonus for me? The video has Donny Osmond, and I LURVE HIM!!!!!

3.) Can't Help but Shake that Bootie Song:

"Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough" by Michael Jackson

4.) Speaks to my Soul in Some Unknown Way Song:

"Let's Stay Together" by Al Green

5.) Best Prayer Song:

"Own Me" by Ginny Owens
*Disclaimer: I am making no statements about this dance at all. It's just the ONLY video I could find of Ginny singing the song herself. :(

6.) Most Likely to Make Me Picture Choreography In My Head Song:

"Feeling Good" by Michael Buble

7.) Duet I'd Most Like to Sing with my Hubby on Stage Somewhere:

"Quando Quando Quando" by Michael Buble
*Yes, I really, really like his stuff

8.) My First Dance at my Wedding Song (not really a category, but couldn't leave it off):

"Recipe for Making Love" by Harry Connick, Jr.

**Note: I discovered these last two songs through someone else's "mixed tape" type sharing. See, sharing your favorite songs is so valuable. You might give someone their new favorite song. :)

9.) Song Most Likely to Give Me Romantic Goose Bumps and Help Me Mellow:

"Persuasion" by Richard Thompson

10.) Best Human Voice that Sounds Like a Trumpet (plus a really cute love song to boot):
* If you get a chance, find this on his cd. It's better there than any live video I could find. Sorry for the comment at the beg of this video and the one at the end of the song.

"Diggin' me" by Martin Sexton

Shew! I DID IT!!! Please share YOUR list with me. (Either list it in my comments, or make a fun YouTube list on your own blog and leave me a link in the comments.) Who knows! Maybe you'll introduce me to a new favorite! :)



He & Me + 3 said...

Wow I think half of those I have never heard before. Great mix of songs.

Keith said...

I love everything on your list - not surprisingly! I had never heard Persuasion or Diggin' Me and now I'm glad I did. I sat here and watched every song :) As for my list, I'm heading over to my blog to take this for a spin - fun idea Les!