Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A question...

Lately, I've been thinking a good bit about change. Partly the new year. Partly the new decade in my life. Partly the new size in my jeans. (tee-hee). Partly (or maybe mostly) the new level of irriation I have with my job most days.

I've been thinking of changing habits (cutting out soda, picking healthier snacks, somehow creating an extra 1.5-2 hours a day for exercise and the pre-post build up for that), changing jobs (maybe finding something else to do for now - to pay the bills for now that is), changing careers (ok, actually FINDING a career - hence the "for now" part of the above job lines), changing relationships (working on communicating my needs better rather than keeping quiet and expecting people to read my mind, being better about keeping in touch), changing my spending habits (Does anyone really NEED 10 tubes of Chapstick?!?), maybe even changing my weekends and evenings in the "going back to school" sort of way.

Generally speaking, I would describe myself as a change-embracer. Once a change is underway, I get EXCITED about it. I find all the good points and celebrate them! (Hate the move, but love the new place.) But here's what I've discovered in my recent move towards change. Although I adore new things, places, abilities, etc., I HATE getting the change started. Taking the first REAL STEP towards change is nearly impossible for me.

I would LOVE a new job once I had it in hand, but actually sending out resumes? YIKES!!! I will LOVE my new body once it gets here, but finding that extra time in my day without cutting my sleep time to below 5 hours - DAUNTING AT BEST!!! I would love relationships where I never thought twice about expressing my desires/needs, but actually getting up the nerve (and the clear thoughts) to say what's needed in the right moment - NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE for me! (This one isn't Drew-specific. I'm just a conflict-avoider in ALL relationships. Always have been.)

Right now, I feel kind of stuck. I see the change out there and know I can get excited about it once it's here, but taking that first step off the cliff - I'm just not quite there yet on some of this.

So how do you guys feel about change? Are you change-embracers? Change-avoiders? Change-enacters?

And what's the kick in the butt you need to make change happen?

Love & Shipoopies,


JessiHarri said...

I spend so much time planning for changes I am going to make, researching the subject so thoroughly that by the time I am ready to make the change, I am already burned out on the subject! I cannot just leap into things, I have to know everything about it first. I can be super excited about it too but once it's time for the change to be made, I slowly talk myself back into my normal routine! I hope you can find the time and motivation (I certainly lack) to make the changes you are seeking! Good luck and get back to your Shred!!!

unclewesty said...

Some days you are just way to deep my dear Les. Such searching questions, such illusive answers. Change is inevitable. How we react to change is within our control. It's not the things that happen in our lives but the way we react to them that determines whether they be good or bad. Embrace change. Make it your own. We always do better with things that we think were our idea, so next time change pops up, jump up and say "yeh, that's my idea. I'll make it work FOR me." Opportunity knocks, but you still have to answer the door. You have spoken on several occacions about closed doors and open windows. Know which is whick and be prepared for whatever presents itself. You are intelligent, talented and caring. You love God and are called acording to His purpose. Therefor all things work together for your good
Uncle Westy, over and out

unclewesty said...

I really hate when I mispell something and don't know how to edit it out!

Brandie said...

I have found myself loving change...but like you, find the act of initiating it somewhat daunting (I'm so with you on the exercise AND career front as well as going back to school, but making those first steps...scary). I think that all these feelings are normal...embrace them, find a way to get your butt in gear...set a deadline for yourself or something, and make that first step. If your like me, after that first step things just kind of take care of themselves.

He & Me + 3 said...

I do like change...but in my time. So maybe I dont' really like change. LOL
I think it is good to embrace a new adventure. Go for it!
Are you ready for this Friday? I will set my post to go at 12 midnight eastern time. I will be directing everyone to your blog...if you are ready. Let me know.