Monday, February 08, 2010

You're Gonna Miss This - Saturday Mornings

Although I miss sleeping in TERRIBLY, I cherish our Saturday mornings. Somewhere between 6:30 and 7am on Saturdays, Tucker wakes up and we bring her to our bed. This allows us some middle ground between the sleeping-in we want and the waking-up Tucker demands. ;) She will usually play-sleep with us for a few minutes (during which time we REALLY sleep), then she proceeds to work her way down to the floor, closes the bedroom door (such a little helper so we don't have to stress about her getting herself to the stairs while we inadvertently snooze), and begins to play.

Sometimes she finds anything of Mommy's and Daddy's and takes it to the appropriate person. "Mommy's Shoes", "Daddy's Pants", "Mommy's juice"

Sometimes she walks into the bathroom, closes both doors, and says, "Bye bye," and then runs about in there, opening the doors for a peek every minute or so.

Sometimes she finds her train (a V tech toy that stays in our bathroom for entertainment when she's in there) and begins bringing me the blocks she knows, proudly stating what is on the block.

Last Saturday, this was the collection I got on my pillow as I drifted between wake and sleep. Early, early moments, but SO SWEET. Life is GOOD!

I will MISS this one day when it's 10am and I'm trying to WRESTLE her awake to get to something. :)

What sweet moments in your life are YOU going to miss when life moves on?

Disclaimer: I usually post a link to the creator of "You're Gonna Miss This" moments, but when I clicked on her blog this morning, it opened somewhere around 60 windows before I could get it to stop. It froze my computer and I had to reboot. I decided not to do that to any of you. :)


Brandie said...

Thanks for your considerateness (is that a word?). I loved those moments with Kaelyn as well, Anna isn't so fond of letting anyone sleep...ever!

leah bell said...

so precious! i remember the mornings where i crept into my parent's bed & snuggled in between them... those were the best!

He & Me + 3 said...

What a sweet moment. I love those precious quiet snuggle times in the morning too.

Whitney said...

I had to think really hard about what it was i would miss. Since the four are all so different i was at a loss. But now i have it. I am going to miss the day when my kiss doesn't make their boo boo's feel better and the day my hugs and a little snuggle time doesn't solve all their problems.

Leslie said...

Whitney, that's the sweetest thing EVER. We're JUST starting to get to the point of kissing boo-boos, and it's so sweet that now with even the tiniest bump, she runs to me and points to where it happened for my sympathy and kisses. :)