Wednesday, January 20, 2010

3 in One Day!!! Lucky, lucky readers!

So I've been trying to blog almost everyday in an effort to do more than just post pics of T. :) However, posting 3 times in one day is just NUTS, but here I am doing it. :-Dhaha! My reason for posting a THIRD time is I wanted to show off something I made this weekend. I've been sewing some very simple things for T for a while now (thanks, Paige and Mama for your support and knowledge), but I've pretty much only made pillowcase dresses/tops and basic pants to match them. I decided (mostly because upon viewing one of my most difficult outfits made so far, Drew said, "It looks good. Are you ever going to make anything DIFFERENT?!?") to try something different. Now, I'll just say that the reason I like pillowcase dresses is that I don't have to use a pattern. Patterns stress me out! They make it not fun for me. I began thinking I would make the basic pillowcase dress, but change the top so it didn't have ribbons (at my mother's suggestion). However, the day I was going to try it, Tucker had on a little jumper dress that was sort of like overalls at the top and I decided I could probably make something like that using that dress to look at and for measurements and thus still not need a pattern. I went into the project fully expecting I might have to just trash it, but it actually turned out pretty stinking cute. It's a teensie bit too big, but she can wear it now with it a little roomy and continue wearing it for a while as it tightens up. :) I don't expect it to be sold in stores anytime soon, but I am pretty proud of myself for trying something new AND glad that I have a new something to sew in my bag. :)



Camily said...

OK. Just read all of your posts. First of all--love the dress! Precious!
And--I totally get what you are saying about not wanting to pass on unhealthy habits to your daughter. I feel exactly the same! AND--I also bought The Shred but haven't opened it yet! So, now I feel motivated! I'll start it tomorrow. And I'll join you in your losing 10 pounds goal. I'll blog about it. (I could go on and on...) :D

Brandie said...

okay, so it may be the wrong season, but this is what we are making at my house, sans pattern...
(for pictures)

I love the dress!