Monday, January 25, 2010

Meme Mondays - "We now do TAX RETURNS!"

You know what I love (ok, maybe only in an "I love to laugh at it" sort of way, but...) about America? We are a nation of MULTITASKERS!!! We are SOOOO busy and our time is SOOOOO valuable that we can almost NEVER do 1 thing at a time. We proudly proclaim ourselves the kings of multitasking (when most of us secretly wish we could just sit and do nothing every once in a while).

The multitasking fever is EVERYWHERE. WiFi at every restaurant and coffee shop because you couldn't POSSIBLY sit and eat without surfing the web! Picture-in-a-picture on TVs because who can be satisfied with just ONE television show at a time?!? Even my excersise video (thanks, Jillian) boldly states that we can't JUST do bicep curls. We must "work the small muscles in with the legs because they don't burn enough calories!" (Alright, this one's valid, but it still stinks when you're falling-down exhausted!)

We see all of this so often, that usually we don't even NOTICE the multitasking happening. But yesterday, I passed a multitasking opportunity that could NOT go unnoticed! "City Automotive" - who, according to their signage, does standard auto repair and window tinting - had this sign hanging in large, bold letters: "We now do TAX RETURNS!" What?!? I almost spewed hot coffee out of my mouth laughing at this sign! (And immediately flashed back to a bit from one of my favorite comedians, James Gregory - and thus texted my father to make him flash to James Gregory as well!)

I mean, this is combining two of the LONGEST, most BORING and EXPENSIVE chores in American life into one GIANT crapfest!!! WOOHOO!!! SIGN ME UP! ***

But it did get me to thinking, "What two random things would YOU love to be able to do together?" Me? I'm thinking Exercise and Sleeping - that way I wouldn't FEEL the pain and sweat OR lose sleep to exercise. :)

What are your ideas?

Love & Shipoopies,

***I do get that if the husband is a mechanic and wife is an accountant, this certainly makes sense in THEIR lives, but really, this is a RIOT! :)


Rebekah said...

Wow... what a combination. I like your idea of sleeping and loosing weight at the same time!

Carrie said...

{Thanks so much for stopping by! It's nice to meet new blogging moms :) So glad to meet you!}

This is hilarious! You are so right about not being able to just sit and relax! What happened? I find that I try to do too much...but get really distracted too...and can't complete the first task I started! I love your combo...that would be fabulous! Or better yet...lose weight while eating, haha! :)

Whitney said...

I think if it were a multi-tasking business like the auto repair and tax return i would want a maid service that also did my grocery shopping. Neither task is fun with four kids and i would love to exercise and sleep at the same time. What mommy wouldn't? HA!

On another note: Books for me. I find it easy to read the suspense books. Not opposed to other good ones. Might try My Sister's Keeper. Just finished James Patterson and i like Harlan Coban.