Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Oh, My Little Goober

Here's two videos of the little goober being herself. :)

In the first one, she is doing all the things one of her littel books instructs. The last page (because you can't hear over my laughter) says, "Hands up high and wave goodbye." She anticipated and when Drew says, "Hands up high," she skips that and just says, "Bye Bye!"

I think T sensed we were taking the tree down finally because I caught her, for the first time, just staring at the tree - walking around it, taking it in - finger on chin like she was really thinking hard about it all. Then we delve into some animal noises and body parts. We've got some new body part names down pat that are pretty funny. :)



Anonymous said...

Thanks sweetness,
That made my day!

Amanda said...

Too cute! I had clients at 5 years old not be able to name and label body parts like that - smart girl!