Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Spattering We Go

Hi, All! Today I'm going to do what I like to call a Spattering. (This just means many dis-jointed topics/pictures/videos/thoughts.)

The first thing is maybe the MOST random. Those of you who read regularly probably know how much I like to show off my consignment sale finds. Well, T's finally getting into one I bought last fall and I wanted to show you! When I found LINEN PANTS (a REAL weakness of mine) made by ANN TAYLOR LOFT (only my FAVORITE store IN THE WORLD), I freaked out I was so excited!!! We FINALLY fit into them and wore them today! They are ADORABLE!!! (My cute subject matter, however, refused to be still this morning.)

Agenda item number 2 - Tucker is now into labeling things by their owner/user. Her favorite things to identify are shoes ("Mama's shoes", "Daddy's shoes", "Tuh-ter's shoes") and "Mama's juice" (which is what she calls my big water bottle because it's a bottle and she sees me fill it from the fridge water thing and shake it - which is how I make her juice - pour juice, add water from the fridge, and shake it). The FUNNIEST thing she has recently adopted in her labeling is her catching onto our team colors. For those of you who don't know, Drew and I are avid fans of rival teams. :) I am a die-hard Bama fan (born, bred, and alum) and the hubs is now a die-hard LSU fan after his two years getting his Masters there. So, I wear red A LOT and he wears purple A LOT!!! In T's mind, this means that anything red is Mama's and anything purple is Daddy's (including a bunch of purple tulle she found this morning in its pre-tutu stage). Imagine her confusion the day she found in a pile of laundry a purple shirt ("Daddy's!"), carried it to Daddy, to hear him say, "Nope, that's Mama's." She put that down, grabbed D's red sweatshirt, carried it to me saying, "Mama's". Poor thing! haha!

Third spatter - Yesterday, one of my posts included the fact that noone can make Tucker laugh quite like her Daddy. Last night, I was reminded of one ammendment to that statement. TUCKER makes Tucker laugh as much as Daddy does. :) haha!
*I apologize for the quality and angle of this video, but I was trying not to impede the action and laughter with my camera phone.*

(Also note that she's laughing at her tilting her head back and forth - yep, that's all it takes!)

Last item on the agenda? An excerpt from my inner monologue when the alarm went off at 5:45am this morning:

Good Leslie: "No snoozing. Must get up and exercise!"
Evil Leslie: "Just SLEEP IN! You can ABSOLUTELY do the video later on today in all your free time."
Good Leslie: "No, just get up now. You'll never get to it later on today. You always say that and never do."
Evil Leslie:"Yeah, but THIS TIME will be different. Get the sleep and worry about exercise later."
Good Leslie: "Remember how good it felt yesterday to think all day that your exercise was already done for the day? Just get up."

It continued for a while, but I did get up in time to get the video done before time to get the family going! Weirdest things so far? My calfs are the sorest part of my body even though there's no exercise specifically programmed for them, I have had cramps in my FEET all day, and the area between my big toe and the one next to it on my left foot fell asleep for about 30 minutes. Thanks, Jillian! :) haha!

Ok, consider yourself officially spattered! :)
Love & Shipoopies,


Camily said...

1. OK--your daughter cracks herself up! So funny!
2. Precious pants! And--what?? Ann Taylor Loft makes kids clothes??? How did I miss this?
3. Day 1 of The Shred for me. I am already sore. Seriously! When I first started, I thought "I'm not going to do the modified version." Ha! I think I was maybe 1 1/2 minutes into it before I was doing the modified! Hopefully it will get better fast! Ouch!

Leslie said...

I know! I've never before or since seen Loft baby clothes, but I grabbed these babies up the second I saw them!

And yes, I too, was going to skip the modified version until about 2 minutes in. I'm working my way up to unmodified on most of the moves in preparation for Level 2. It's not making me feel like I'm going to puke anymore, so I guess that's a good sign that it's getting "better" but it's still pretty hard and exhausting! :)