Monday, January 11, 2010

Meme Monday

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Time, once again for "Not Me Monday", folks! Do you remember how it's played? It's your chance to confess all your "mommy sins" without all that pesky guilt. :-D haha! Ready?

I did NOT become a complete hermit during the days of ice that wouldn't melt here in the ATL. If you saw some lady enter her home Thursday morning after a quick stop at the store for chili (to eat while watching Bama win the National Championship) and not set foot past her mailbox again until Sunday for church, it was NOT me. I assure you I would never become quite THAT much of a hermit.

I am also NOT the gal who was SOOOOOO determined to take T on a walk in her new wagon (thanks, Santa) while it was snowing (just barely even a sprinkle), that I took her looking like THIS...

I am most assuredly NOT the kind of mother who would drag her kid SCREAMING in irritation because she couldn't find her hands ("Ah hand? Ah hand? Ah hand?") through her built-in mittens, just so she could have some FUN. (Do you SEEEEEE the fun?)

I'm also NOT the chick who almost did the full-on splits THREE TIMES yesterday in her driveway when she got home from church. Nope, I'm smart enough to AVOID the ice patches that are still covering my driveway when wearing HEELS, so I would NEVER do the slip, slide, fall, grasp the car bumper before you TRULY hit the ground, stand up and walk away non-chalantly only to repeat it all twice more thing. Promise. :)

What did YOU not do this week?


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Brandie said...

I absolutely love the picture of Tucker!
I wasn't the mom who ignored her one year old who refused to nap for a full hour so that I could nap. That wasn't me!
I also wasn't the mom who decided that it was too much work to unpack, and that I'd just throw the six or seven items left back in the wash til I felt like hanging them up.
I'm also not "THAT" mom that bribes her kids with popcorn and a movie or hot chocolate and marshmellows...wasn't me at all!