Monday, January 25, 2010

Post #2 for the Day

Many of you probably know (and maybe even ENTER) that Regis and Kelly have a "Beautiful Baby" contest (with Parenting Magazine) each year. The entries are due Friday (which is why I'm getting this in a second post today - immediate results needed). I can't decide which picture to enter for Tucker. You only get one entry. It has to have been taken during the last month (goodbye great shot that was in the Christmas card), and it can't have been taken by a professional (goodbye pictures by Rebekah). They emphasize in their tips close-ups, showing personality, smile, etc. Can I get you guys to comment which you think would be the best entry for this contest (not necessarily your favorite, if your favorite is based on knowing Tucker like mine always are)? Each of these has things I love and things that make me question it. (The two main things I want to get in a picture are her adorable smile AND her great blue eyes, but I can't seem to get both in one picture!)
Number 1
(Eyes but no smile)
Number 2
(Adorable but you can't see the blue eyes)

Number 3

Number 4
(Cute face and good eyes if someone could help me fix the coloring - stupid new camera that I haven't quite figured all the way out and I have no idea with photo editing)

Number 5
(Drew thinks her hair is too unruly in this one and it's not her huge cheeked smile, but still a cute one.)

Number 6
(SO her personality, but you can't see her eyes and it was taken on the iPhone so the quality's not the best. Not sure how much that matters.)

See why I'm not sure? Help, please! :)



Whitney said...

I vote for 4 and 5. I hate picking out pictures of the kids. So hard!

Camily said...

I say 1 or 3--but they are all precious!!!!

Anonymous said...

I say 1- the prettiest (but no smile)
or 5 (shows all of her best qualities even though her hair is messy)
6 is a good overall but doesn't show off her eyes. Mom

Rebekah said...

My favorite is number 5!!