Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Oh, Tuesday, how you did me wrong!

Well, folks, it's 8:52pm on Tuesday night and I am JUST NOW getting to my blog for the first time today. Does that tell you anything about MY day? First Jillian kicked my butt and then my job did!

I'm having a mixed-feeling struggle in my workouts right now. On one hand, I can tell my muscles are really tightening up and strengthening. I'm feeling confident enough in Level 1 that I'm considering trying Level 2 tomorrow. Drew says I look like I've lost weight and "LOOK GREAT!"


WHAT?!? I know it will eventually come off because I am working HARD during this video - I mean VERY HARD! But I've been eating very reasonably, snacking on fruit and veggies instead of junk, and drinking lots more water. UGH!!! I've decided to reach my 10 pound goal in time, I may have to continue Shredding at 5:45am and then do 30+ min on the treadmill each night after I put T down to bed. :( NOT COOL! But I am not giving up on my goal! (Even though I really, really want to at this point. haha!)

The people who do the studies that say you can't give up sleep and expect to lose weight obviously don't have full-time jobs and 1 year olds. When ELSE am I supposed to exercise if not getting up early or staying up late?!? And now it looks like I'm going to have to do BOTH of those things each day.

Ok, I'm done complaining for the day. Tomorrow I will have a better attitude, Level 2 on the Shred, work will probably still eat me alive, and the hubs is leaving town for a few days so I'll be single mom-ing it, but I'll do healthy dinner, get T to bed, then listen to one of my new audio books while hitting the treadmill with the crickets chirping in the background from the monitor (T's white noise machine). I will survive and I WILL lose weight!

Love, Shipoopies, and Sleeplessness,


Anonymous said...

Hang in there sweetness. It will get easier. Remember that with the right type/amount of exercise you will look better even if the scale doesn't move. Keep up the good work. Mom

JessiHarri said...

Sounds like you are doing great! Good luck in Level 2. Keep it up and the weight will come off. I know it is easy to get frustrated and impatient! Thanks for commenting on my blog! Your daughter is just ADORABLE!

Jen T said...

I'm with you on this...I got the JM Shred DVD yesterday and I'm going to the gym too. I don't have a 1 yr old but I have messy cats & hubs..does that count?