Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Meme... Tuesdays???

Doesn't quite have the same ring, does it? Maybe "Tardy Tuesday" is better? haha! Sorry, guys, but it was a holiday from work yesterday and I took full advantage of it. :)

I'm back today with a play along game. It's desert island time. Answer the questions on my blog and then if you wish, post them on your own blog and comment to let me know you've done so. :)

If you were stranded on a desert island...

1.) What food would you miss the most?

2.) What three music albums/cds would you most like to have?

3.) What 3 books would you take along?

*Find my answers in the comments section.*



Leslie said...

1.) My first instinct is to say Coke, but that's mostly because I am quitting drinking them right now, so I already miss them. So I'm going to go with Tiramisu. :)

2.) 3 albums: a.) My favorite King Singer's Christmas album b.) Michael Buble' "It's Time" (good for dancing), and c.) My Best of Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong duets cd

3.) 3 Books: a.) the Bible (so I could really devote time and brain power to deep study and memorization), b.) my _Complete Works of Nathaniel Hawthorne_ (yes, I'm a dork and I love him!), and c.) _The Secret Life of Bees_ (If you haven't read this book - the movie doesn't count - you should. It's on my "at least once a year" list.

Anonymous said...

1.) Can I have pretzels AND Pepsi? 'Cause one's just not that great without the other.

2.) Tough one, but . . .

A. _Deluxe_ by Better Than Ezra
B. _Achtung Baby_ by U2
C. The self-titled album by Naked

Wow, it was tough to leave off a couple of CDs. Maybe next time we can have five? After all, I am stranded here for life, so I don't think two extra CDs is asking too much.

3. Hmmmmmmmmmm . . .

A. OK, I'll go with the Bible as well.
B. Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
C. A Christmas Carol